Automation Solution

Providing customized solutions...

We are providing total solution for plant control systems from field to control room.

Our key domain expertise include:

  • Control Systems Integration
  • Control Systems Retrofitting & Upgrading
  • Control Application Development
  • Plant Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
Electrical Safety

Caring about your ultimate electrical safety...

We are providing electrical safety solution for your love one, your properties and your businesses by means of the following systems.

Our key domain expertise include:

  • Insulation Monitoring for unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC System
  • Insulation Fault Location for unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC System
  • Power Quality and Energy Measurement for unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC System
  • Residual Current Monitoring for unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC System
Energy Solution

Maximizing your Benefits...

We are providing Energy Solution for:

  • Industrial Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (IHVAC)
  • Central Utilities Management & Control
  • Electrical Load Management
  • Measurement & Visualization of WAGES and Sustainability Reporting


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Develop awareness of Water, Air, Gas, Electric & Steam (WAGES) usage
  • Improve uptime and reliability of industrial utilities
  • Regulatory compliance of production environment
  • Participate in utility demand incentive programs
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) tracking
ECO Marine Power

Cleaner and Greener Marine Future...

We are providing solution for:

  • Aquarius Management and Automation System
    It is an advanced marine computer system including data logging, alarm management and system performance monitoring which can also monitor fuel consumption and calculate vessel emissions.
  • Aquarius MRE System - Renewable Energy for Shipping
    It is an integrated wind and solar power system for shipping. An advanced integrated system of rigid sails, solar panels and energy storage modules that will allow ships to tap into renewable energy by harassing the power provided by the wind and sun.
Wireless Solution

Communicating without any Limitation...

We are providing complete turnkey solutions for new or expanding systems or integration into existing systems and environments.

Our team ensures your requirements are met and that we work with within your budget. From initial site surveys, planning and development of your system designs, to effective deployment, testing and ongoing maintenance.

Automated Wireless Monitoring and Control Solutions

  • SCADA Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Wireless Sensor Networking
  • Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure
  • Event Report Radio Telemetry Systems (ERRTS)
  • Localized networks through to Plant-wide Deployments

Innovative Wireless Technologies

We offer integrated solutions that utilize the broad suite of reliable wireless products, allowing systems to use:

  • Wireless I/O
  • Protocol Gateways
  • Ethernet and Serial Modems
  • Cellular Solutions
  • Wireless HART Technologies