Communicating without any Limitation...

We are providing complete turnkey solutions for new or expanding systems or integration into existing systems and environments.

Our team ensures your requirements are met and that we work with within your budget. From initial site surveys, planning and development of your system designs, to effective deployment, testing and ongoing maintenance.

Automated Wireless Monitoring and Control Solutions

  • SCADA Monitoring and Control Solutions
  • Wireless Sensor Networking
  • Wireless Backhaul Infrastructure
  • Event Report Radio Telemetry Systems (ERRTS)
  • Localized networks through to Plant-wide Deployments

Innovative Wireless Technologies

We offer integrated solutions that utilize the broad suite of reliable wireless products, allowing systems to use:

  • Wireless I/O
  • Protocol Gateways
  • Ethernet and Serial Modems
  • Cellular Solutions
  • Wireless HART Technologies